June 13 Workshop on Open-Pit Mine Backfill Regs

The State Mining and Geology Board (SMGB) will hold a workshop this Wednesday, June 13 from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm in Sacramento to discuss potential revisions to open-pit metallic mine backfill regulations.

Castle Mountain Mine, San Bernardino County, CA.

The SMGB adopted the current regulations fifteen years ago, after determining that open-pit quarries resulting from metals mining were not necessarily being returned to a beneficial and useful condition once mining ceased, contrary to the intent of SMARA, the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act. Much has changed since then, including CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) requirements to consider climate change, greenhouse gases and tribal consultation. This workshop is intended to discuss and allow the public to comment on potential changes to the metallic mine backfill regulations.

Know & Go
SMGB Informal Pre-Rulemaking Workshop on Metallic Mine Backfill Regulations
Wednesday, June 13 from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
John Muir Conference Room, Dept. of Conservation, 801 K Street, Suite 2016, Sacramento, CA 95814

For those unable to attend the workshop, written comments and suggestions may be submitted to the SMGB by Friday, July 13 via the following:

State Mining and Geology Board
801 K Street, MS 20-15
Sacramento, CA 95814
ATTN: Metallic Mine Backfill Regulations


For the questionnaire to help guide public comment on the matter, which includes a supporting 2007 informational report on metallic mine backfill regulations, click here.

Click here for the June 13 workshop notice.