Six grant guidelines workshops for Sierra Nevada Conservancy announced

From The Sierra Nevada Conservancy

The Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC) is pleased to announce that we will be holding six workshops throughout the Sierra Nevada region addressing the development of performance measures and indicators and the revision of our grant guidelines. 

Workshops will begin with an overview of the process we will use to revise our Grant Guidelines for 2008-09, as well as identification of key changes that are being proposed.  It is not our intent to have a detailed discussion of this matter, but rather to share important information.  We anticipate more detailed discussions to occur at the Web Conferences to be held in late April.

The primary purpose of each workshop is to focus on our efforts to develop performance measures to evaluate the success of SNC projects and programs and system indicators to measure progress toward improving the environmental, economic, and social well-being of the region. The purpose of this portion of the workshops is to explain the process we are using to develop the measures and indicators and for you to provide feedback on an initial selection of performance measures and system indicators, and provide input on how to make the performance measures and system indicators most useful to you and others in the Sierra Nevada region.

Please join us at the workshop in your area or participate in one of the web conferences listed below. Thank you.

Subregional Workshops:

March 26        11:00-2:00 Susanville Montecola Club
March 26        5:30-8:30   Quincy Veterans Hall
March 27        5:30-8:30   Auburn City Hall, Rose Room
April 2            5:30-8:30   Midpines Yosemite Bug Lodge, Bodie Room
April 3            5:30-8:30   Springville Veterans Building
April 4            2:00-5:00   Bishop BLM Interagency Building

Performance Measures Web Conferences:
March 28        10:00-12:30
April 1             2:00-4:30

Tentative Dates for Grant Guidelines Web Conferences (details to follow)
April 22nd
April 24th

For more information about this process, contact:
Sierra Nevada Conservancy 
11521 Blocker Drive, Suite 205
Auburn, CA 95603

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