Sierra License Plate design approved and marketing plan reviewed

BASS LAKE, CA    March 13, 2008 — Today the Sierra Nevada Conservancy Board reviewed and approved the final design for a Sierra Nevada License Plate that will generate revenue for conservation projects across the Sierra. The final plate design features a brown bear, blue creek, green pines, and mountain peaks, some of the important symbols of the Sierra Nevada range.

In addition, Velocity7—working under contract to The Sierra Fund, who is leading this effort—presented their marketing plan for the plate.  The plan, developed in collaboration with key partners on the campaign, including the Sierra Nevada Conservancy and the Sierra Nevada Alliance, details the tactics and strategies necessary to ensure that at least 7,500 California vehicle owners register for a Sierra Nevada Conservancy License Plate.

Successfully achievement of this goal will result in at least $375,000 in new revenues generated to the Sierra Nevada Conservancy and a recognizable acknowledgement of the importance of the Sierra Nevada to the economic and environmental wellbeing of the state of California. Key to the success of the Plan is a “viral” Internet strategy that captures registrants on-line and motivates those registrants to share our marketing messages with others with a sense of enthusiasm.

The Board enthusiastically approved the plan and the design, and urged staff and The Sierra Fund to move quickly in order to meet the Plan’s proposed launch of fall 2008.  For more information about this plan, contact The Sierra Fund.