Sierra Nevada Conservancy license plate marketing plan and logo nearly complete

The Sierra Fund, working closely with the Nevada City marketing firm Velocity7 and the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, is nearly done with the development of a marketing plan to sell 7,500 license plates that will benefit programs in the Sierra Nevada.  The Sierra Nevada Conservancy is putting final touches on their license plate design, which was approved in concept at their July 2007 board meeting.

The plan will be brought to the full Sierra Nevada Conservancy Board of Directors for their review, comment and concurrence at their March 2008 Board meeting, scheduled to be held in the southern Conservancy region on March 13.  Also at this meeting the final design for the Sierra Nevada Conservancy license plate will be unveiled. Rumor has it that it will include a brown bear.

Once the plate design is approved, the plan is agreed to, and the necessary money is raised, The Sierra Fund will launch this marketing effort.

The campaign to create a license plate program to benefit the Sierra Nevada Conservancy began in 2005 with the introduction of legislation to create the program, which was signed into law in late 2006.  The Sierra Nevada Conservancy has agreed to work with The Sierra Fund in this campaign.  The new law for specialty plates requires 7,500 paid license plate registrations prior to issuing a Sierra Nevada license plate.  By law no public funds may be used for the License Plate Marketing Campaign, which is why the Campaign is being led by The Sierra Fund. 

When the 7,500 registrations have been secured, all proceeds from the sales and renewal of Sierra Nevada License Plates will directly fund the Sierra Nevada Conservancy’s efforts to protect and restore the 25 million acres of majestic landscapes in the Sierra Nevada.
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