Governor’s Budget Holds SNC Funding Steady

SACRAMENTO, 10 March 2010 – Earlier this year, as part of the 2010-2011 Budget for the State of California, the Governor proposed an operating budget of approximately $4.5 million for the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, approximately the same as the current fiscal year despite the State’s ongoing fiscal woes. The majority of this funding ($3.9M) comes from the Environmental License Plate Fund (ELPF), which provides for the SNC’s base budget, including staff and operating costs.

A smaller portion ($477,000) comes from Proposition 84—the Safe Drinking Water,Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coastal Protection Act of 2006—to support administration of the SNC’s grant program. Funds appropriated to the SNC out of Proposition 84 for local assistance grants remain untouched however, due to a continued moratorium on the agency’s ability to award new grants.  Fortunately these funds may be used for grants in future years.

The Governor’s proposed budget for 2010-11 generally continues the SNC’s funding for operations without significant changes. The Conservancy is sharing the belt-tightening affecting all state agencies.  Staff remain on furlough the first three Fridays of each month when SNC offices are closed. The furloughs and the associated cut in pay of about 15 percent are expected to end with the fiscal year on June 30th. In addition, beginning July 1, 2010 the SNC will be required to cut the amount budgeted for salaries and wages by 5% in accordance with a Governor’s Executive Order issued in mid-January.

To learn more visit the Sierra Nevada Conservancy website.