SNC Adopts Vital Regional Climate Action Plan

From The Sierra Nevada Alliance

The Sierra Nevada Alliance would like to congratulate and thank the Sierra Nevada Conservancy Board and Staff for providing the leadership, vision and forum for regional action on climate change.  Conservancy Board and Staff worked closely with Sierra Nevada Alliance staff and other stakeholders across the range to produce a far reaching and broadly supported regional climate action plan that will help the range reduce its emissions and ensure the resilience of our communities and natural resources.

Some highlights from the Sierra Conservancy Climate Action Plan include:

  • Creates a Sierra Nevada Climate Action Team.
  • Addresses key regional issues including fire, forestry, watersheds, energy, wildlife and community quality of life as they relate to climate change.
  • Identifies short and mid-term goals.
  • Provides a process for an annual review and a bi-annual update of the plan.
  • Identifies potential regional and local partners and points of collaboration.
  • Provides an SNC staff person/Climate Change Coordinator to oversee the implementation of the plan and coordinate with the Climate Action Team and other partners.
  • Provides assistance from the SNC Funding and Resource Coordinator to identify and circulate funding opportunities to achieve the goals/objectives/strategies/actions of the SN CAP.

Check out the SNC’s Climate Action Plan and other climate change activities online (they are making a few changes now to the plan but it should be online soon):