SN Conservancy Grant Awards

Sierra Nevada Conservancy Board makes Strategic Opportunity Grant awards totaling $ 2,756,188

December 6, 2007; NEVADA CITY, CA —

The Sierra Nevada Conservancy met today in Nevada City and agreed to award $2,756,188 in Strategic Opportunity Grants around the Conservancy service area. The largest grant was $152,000 to Audubon California for their Kern River Preserve, and the smallest came in at $1,617 for Oak to Timberline Fire Safe Council’s wildfire protection planning.

The grants are distributed throughout the region in the following way:

Ten Region-wide grants totaled $642,810, funding projects such as fuel treatment monitoring, biomass removal on forest system lands, creation of a Sierra water trust, rangeland assessment, and engagement of Sierra participation in water planning.

Six North Region grants totaled $469,019, funding projects such as sagebrush steppe watershed restoration, landscape management and restoration, and watershed planning.

Five North Central Region grants totaled $175,030, funding projects such as fire education, riparian restoration, creek restoration and bank stabilization.

Eleven Central Region grants totaled $ 559,668, funding projects including watershed assessment and planning, acquisition planning, creek restoration, water quality studies and fire safety resources.

Eight South Central Region grants totaled $ 467,945 for projects including wildfire prevention and education, development of watershed management plans, water stewardship projects, and protection of historic ranch lands.

Five South Region grants totaled $267,617 for projects including wildfire planning, education and prevention; and visitor facilities.

Two East Region grants totaled $165,099 for trails and public access planning and watershed assessments.

A total of $17.5 million was awarded to the Sierra Conservancy for their grant program in 2007 – 2008. The deadline for their next grant cycle is December 31, 2007. Check their website for details: