SNC 2007-08 Annual Report available online

From the Sierra Nevada Conservancy

Sierra Nevada Conservancy 2007-08 Annual Report

I am pleased to send you this link to the Sierra Nevada Conservancy’s (SNC’s) 2007-08 Annual Report.  Because this is SNC’s first annual report, it not only covers the 2007-08 fiscal year, but the entire period since the SNC’s inception in September 2004.

On behalf of all of us here at the SNC, we truly appreciate your support and partnership over the past three years.  Our progress to date is due in large part to the leadership of our Board, the hard work of our staff and the interaction with key stakeholders such as you and your organization. 

The report is best viewed online, because it includes links to additional information and short video clips of SNC Boardmembers, staff, grant recipients and other partners talking about how the SNC and the projects we are funding are making a difference for the Sierra Nevada Region and the entire State.  However, if you would like to obtain a hard copy of the report or a CD of the report that includes most of the linked information and videos, please email us at or call (530) 823-4670 or (877) 257-1212.

Please take a moment to click on the link above and view the report.  Not only will it help you to understand what the SNC has been up to since our creation a few years ago, I believe the photos and stories included in the report will only deepen your appreciation of the incredible Sierra Nevada Region and the dedication of all of the people who are working to improve the environmental, economic and social well-being of the region, its communities and the citizens of California.