Staff Transitions at The Sierra Fund

Nevada City — Shawn Garvey, Director of Marketing and Communications of The Sierra Fund, left his staff position at The Sierra Fund to return to the private sector in October, after successfully completing the first Phase of the organization's work to build support for a Sierra Nevada License Plate. Garvey had been with The Sierra Fund since founding the organization in October, 2000.

“We are grateful for Shawn Garvey's vision in starting this new environmental community foundation,” said Elizabeth Martin, who has served as the foundation's Chief Executive Officer since January 2005. “We will continue to build on the base he established to support new conservation investment in the Sierra Nevada.”

Martin also announced the addition of Emily Rivenes as Operations Manager for The Sierra Fund. Rivenes joins Elizabeth Martin and Terry Lowe, Director of Philanthropic Services, as the core staff of this innovative community foundation for the environment.

Emily Rivenes joined The Sierra Fund in September 2005, where she has taken over responsibility for managing day-to-day operations for the foundation. She brings sixteen years of administrative and financial planning experience to the position, with skills in banking, bookkeeping, and investment management. She is also an avid volunteer with the South Yuba River Citizens League and an outstanding volunteer coordinator. Rivenes lives with her husband and son on Rock Creek outside of Nevada City.