2001-2011 Organizational Report (2011)

Read The Sierra Fund’s 2001-2011 Organizational Report to see how The Sierra Fund started with a little seed money and a big dream, and has successfully attracted more than $100 million in public and private funds to the Sierra.

2009 Annual Report

As money got tighter in 2009, The Sierra Fund got more creative in our own approach to philanthropy. Advised by our Board and Sierra conservation leaders, The Sierra Fund made philanthropic dollars work hard to leverage public funding for vital projects. We raised money from private contributors to provide cash flow loans to key Sierra […]

2008 Annual Report

In 2008, as many conservation organizations in the Sierra were barely surviving the economic and budget crisis, The Sierra Fund was serving our partners by providing bridge funding to help weather the storm. This marked The Sierra Fund’s transition from a “start-up” community foundation to a mature organization, effective in advancing our goals and strong […]

2007 Annual Report

In 2007 The Sierra Fund continued our mission to save the Sierra Nevada by increasing public and private investment in the natural resources and communities of the range. We pursued this mission through philanthropy, advocacy and strategic campaigns. Click here to download our 2007 Annual Report

2006 Annual Report

In 2006 The Sierra Fund Launched a multi-year environmental justice initiative to address gold mining’s toxic legacy in the Sierra, working with scientists, tribes, conservationists, health professionals and government agencies to research and remediate the ongoing effects of historic mining on the health of humans and wildlife on both sides of the Sierra Nevada range. […]