NID’s Project at Combie Reservoir Honored for Innovation

On April 24th, the Nevada Irrigation District’s Combie Reservoir Sediment and Mercury Removal Project was honored as the Outstanding Small Project of the year at the American Society of Civil Engineers Sacramento Region 2018 Project Awards and Goize Scholarship Banquet. This project employs an innovative recovery process to remove sediment from Combie Reservoir, with the […]

Conference Brief: Multiple Benefits of Legacy Mine Reclamation Track

Today’s potential for consumer-driven environmental action has exciting potential to reverse the dire impacts of legacy mining in California, particularly in the context of the State’s reservoirs. The Multiple Benefits Track on April 20 at Reclaiming the Sierra 2015 offers technical experts, regulatory agencies, industry representatives, Tribal entities, and fair-trade jewelry activists a series of three workshops that will examine the many benefits of conscientious sediment removal from reservoirs and the potential market for E3 Gold that is ecologically sourced through reclamation and restoration efforts, including sediment removal activities.

TSF leads three more successful tours

Over the last three weeks, TSF has led three tours to showcase two flagship projects. Regulators from the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board and TSF Board Members got a chance to view the Combie Reservoir mercury removal facility on two occasions in early December, and yesterday three staff of the CA Department of Conservation, Office of Mine Reclamation (OMR) visited our project at Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park. Tours of these sites and others are planned as part of our Reclaiming the Sierra Conference. Click here for more details about these tours.