The Sierra Fund’s 2023 Year End Accomplishments Piece

The Sierra Fund (TSF) made a huge impact in 2023!

Click the link here to read our 2023 Year End Accomplishments Piece!

A few highlights:

  • We advanced the Grizzly Creek Diggins project that demonstrates the restoration of a hydraulic mine site that integrates fuel load reduction and soil health objectives using nature-based approaches to restore watershed resiliency and improve water quality. We hope this will be the first of many.
  • We co-hosted the first Sierra Nevada Tribal Summit on forest health– with co-leaders from United Auburn Indian Community Tribal Preservation Department, Todd’s Valley Miwok-Maidu Cultural Foundation, and UC Davis Institute for the Environment. Tribal members shared their visions for the future to rebuild a world that is resilient and responsive to living cultures, environment, and non-human living relations.
  • We led and completed a benefit-cost analysis with World Resources Institute and Blue Forest Conservation that showed for every $1 invested upstream in hydraulic mine restoration water agencies could save $2.9 dollars downstream in water infrastructure maintenance. Wowza!! The economics are clearly behind our vision and this study is turning heads.