The Sierra Fund's organizational report available on our website

This organizational report – our first – outlines how The Sierra Fund has worked to achieve our vision of a Sierra Nevada protected and restored for future generations. Among our notable victories, The Sierra Fund has:

• Sponsored successful bipartisan legislation that created the Sierra Nevada Conservancy to protect and restore the region’s 25 million acres;

• Protected more than 30,000 acres of working ranches, farmlands, critical wildlands and wild rivers by developing over $50 million in new public conservation dollars;

• Leveraged more than $30 million in private dollars for land and river acquisition and conservation throughout the Sierra; and

• Made targeted grants, loans and programmatic investments of more than $1 million so that organizations working to protect the region could effectively utilize the full toolbox of conservation strategies – community organizing and education, collaboration, regulatory reform, legislative advocacy, and when necessary, litigation.

To read about our accomplishments, learn about our mission and vision, view our financial information or read the list of our donors, click on the link!