The website for the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, a state agency, can be found at

The Sierra Fund is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that helped establish the conservancy. We are maintaining this website for informational purposes for a limited time. You can visit the official government site at:

The Sierra Fund is maintaining a registration database for the Sierra Nevada License plate. The license plate legislation is still making its way through the government and is not yet official. Read more about the process here.

Pre-register for your plate at:

The Sierra Nevada Conservancy is a branch of the government agency the California Resources Agency. Jim Branham has been selected as the Executive Officer and they have chosen Auburn as a temporary location for their offices.

The Sierra Nevada Conservancy will establish funding for environmental preservation while providing support for economic sustainability across 25 million acres from the Oregon border to Kern County. As California's largest conservancy, the Sierra Nevada will provide grants to local governments and non profit organizations for environmental protection, resource conservation, recreational opportunities and economic growth.