Mike Thornton hired as Mining Project Community Organizer

The Sierra Fund is pleased to announce that Mike Thornton, News Director for Community Radio Station KVMR-FM (Nevada City, CA) is joining our organization to work as a Community Organizer on our “Mining’s Toxic Legacy” Initiative.

Mike Thornton has extensive media experience including international, national, state and local reporting as well as producing local and national radio programs. Thornton has worked in a variety of positions at KVMR including News Director, Public Affairs Director, President of the Nevada City Community Broadcast Group Board of Directors, Interim Program Director, Talk Radio and Music Host, News Reporter and Producer.

Elizabeth Martin, Chief Executive Officer of The Sierra Fund, comments, “Mike has outstanding skills to contribute to our Initiative.  He has a wide experience of conducting public outreach activities with diverse groups of people in the Sierra.  We are looking forward to the energy and expertise he will bring to this project.”  

When it comes to his joining The Sierra Fund to work on the “Mining’s Toxic Legacy” Initiative Thornton says, “I’m thrilled and honored to be working on such an important project and with a great organization like The Sierra Fund.  As a Community Organizer my job will be to go out and talk to stakeholders and individuals across the Sierra Nevada, to provide information to them about the problem of not only the toxic environmental legacy of mining, including mercury, arsenic, acid mine drainage and other pollutants, but also its impact on the native Maidu people who live in this area. More importantly, my job will be to listen to what people in these communities need and want when it comes to working on these issues and find ways to help them get those things.  The Sierra Fund already has a team of highly qualified people on board to work on this project including scientists, public policy experts and tribal leaders.  I’ll be bringing my experience in media into the mix to help in the effort and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.”

For more information about The Sierra Fund’s Mining’s Toxic Legacy Initiative, check our website:  www.sierrafund.org/campaigns/mining.