TSF’s Trails Assessment receives major media coverage

On Tuesday, June 22, 2010 The Sierra Fund released our new study Gold Country Recreational Trails and Abandoned Mines Assessment examining potential exposure to toxic dust contaminants including lead, arsenic and other hazardous materials including asbestos to an interested and attentive media.  Our press conference, held on the west steps of the State Capitol, provided a springboard for coverage around the state.

The story about our Assessment appeared on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle yesterday in a two-page story that also covered the top of the back page of Section One (read the story here).  Fox Channel 40 News from Sacramento sent a camera and reporter up to Nevada City to interview The Sierra Fund’s CEO Elizabeth “Izzy” Martin and Mining Project Science Director Dr. Carrie Monohan about the topic (view story here).  Capitol Public Radio ran the story Tuesday evening and again Wednesday morning.  In our own backyard, The Union ran an article, and other state newspapers from Redding to San Diego published stories. 

Copies of the report have been sent or hand delivered to the many state and federal agencies with jurisdiction over the issue of public lands and trails.  The Sierra Fund will be working with these agencies and the interested public to implement the recommendations of the report. 

The full Recreational Trails and Abandoned Mines Assessment and executive summary may be downloaded from The Sierra Fund’s Mining Initiative Resources page.