TSF Presence at Climate Events

On August 27, 2018, TSF CEO Elizabeth “Izzy” Martin spoke at the 3rd California Adaptation Forum in Sacramento, CA. Izzy participated in a kickoff workshop titled “Exploring Success Stories of Equitable Climate Adaptation Work.” The session featured ten panelists describing their work in environmental justice and discussing case studies that demonstrate the values and principles that advance equitable climate adaptation.

Izzy was able to share lessons and strategies from her more than 30 years as a community organizer and environmental advocate. Early in her career, Izzy helped protect farm workers from pesticide poisoning and supported organic farmers and farming practices. Now, at the helm of The Sierra Fund, Izzy works to ensure that new investments flowing into the Sierra Nevada region enhance both ecosystem and community resiliency, with the understanding that combating climate change requires resilient people and places.

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On September 10, 2018, TSF Science Director Dr. Carrie Monohan presented a lightning talk at the symposium “Managing Lands in a Changing Climate” in Davis, CA. This Global Climate Action Summit-affiliate event featured speakers from around the world on issue areas such as agricultural resilience, food security and health. Carrie’s presentation described how meadow restoration in the Sierra Nevada can increase the region’s resiliency in the face of climate change.

Of the 19,000 meadows in the Sierra Nevada, approximately 60-70% are degraded as a result of land use activities such as unregulated grazing, which continued until the mid-1930s. Degraded meadows store less carbon in their soil and can become net carbon emitters, rather than carbon sinks, thereby contributing to global climate change. Meadow restoration in the Sierra aims to restore the hydrologic function of a meadow by reconnecting stream channels to the floodplain. Healthy meadows offer multiple benefits, including soil carbon sequestration, forage for livestock and wildlife, enhanced water quality and critical wildlife habitat.

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