Update on Sierra Nevada Cascade Grant Program Guidelines

Sacramento, California — The voters passed Proposition 50 in November 2002 with a $30 million “earmark” for the Sierra Cascade to provide funding for acquisition of land and water rights to protect water quality in lakes, reservoirs, rivers, streams and wetlands in the Sierra Nevada-Cascade Mountain Region. In 2004 the Legislature created the Sierra created the Sierra Nevada-Cascade Conservation Grant within the Office of the Secretary for Resources, with a total of $15.8 million to give away. The budget proposed by Governor Schwarzenegger for 2006 – 2007 included an additional $11.65 million for this program.

In December 2005, the Sierra Nevada-Cascade Conservation Grant program issued guidelines for grants to be awarded under this program. In January, they held public hearings around the range on the guidelines. Public comment has now closed, and final grant guidelines and a request for proposals is expected before spring.

For more information, check the Resources Agency website, Grant Programs, or use this link: http://resources.ca.gov/bonds_prop50sncgrantsprogram.html