Estate Planning

Saving the Sierra by Planning your Estate

High-Impact, High-Return Philanthropy

If you’re reading this, chances are you already know the imperatives of environmental conservation in the Sierra Nevada. The Sierra Fund exists to maximize the benefit of charitable endeavors for benefactors and beneficiaries alike.

Our philosophy is simple: when The Sierra Fund accepts a contribution, we also accept responsibility. And the commitments we make to donors are no different than what we insist upon from every recipient organization:

  • That contributions will be leveraged against other private donations and public financial resources to maximize its beneficial effect on conservation
  • That every dollar will be accounted for in a manner respectful of the donor who earned it and the seriousness of its intent
  • That every benefactor — you, the donor — are entitled to accrue the full tax and income benefits allowable under law

And perhaps most important, The Sierra Fund can craft a strategy that exists in perpetuity and direct your resources towards a particular place or organization in the Sierra that you are most connected to, or to new and effective efforts to protect the entire region.