Real Estate

The Sierra Fund welcomes all donations of land and water rights.

For property in the Sierra Nevada, The Sierra Fund can identify the land management agency or non-profit organization best suited to manage property in perpetuity. Property outside of the Sierra region is described as “trade land” and may be traded to an appropriate Conservancy or Land Trust, or if appropriate, sold to raise financial resources for additional Sierra protection efforts.

Types of Real Estate

Some examples of the types of real estate we accept are: single-family homes, vacation homes, condominiums, commercial buildings, apartment buildings, farms, office buildings, undeveloped land and vacant lots.

The Sierra Fund will work with a number of professionals to determine whether or not the donated property is marketable before we accept the gift.


  • Immediate Tax Savings
    You may avoid the capital gain taxes you would have paid had you sold the property. Plus, you will receive an Income tax charitable deduction in the amount of the property’s fair market value. For gifts of appreciated property you can deduct up to 30% of your adjusted gross income.
  • Future Tax Savings
    The property will be removed from your gross taxable estate and you will not be responsible for the selling of the property.
  • Time Savings
    You will be eliminating management time and expenses such as insurance, real estate taxes and utilities.

How It Works

Bill wanted to part with his second home that had appreciated over the years. He donated it as a “Trade Land” to The Sierra Fund. When we sold the home, it provided vitally needed funds for our efforts to protect places other places throughout the Sierra Nevada. Bill received an immediate income tax charitable deduction and felt especially proud of his gift.

Making Your Gift

For more information on gifts of real estate please e-mail or call (530) 265-8454.