Items needed for our new office

As previously announced, TSF has a new home at 206 Sacramento Street, Suite 101 (still Nevada City, CA 95959).

In our new office, we are in need of certain items. Let us know if you can donate anything on our wish list, below. If you have an item you can donate, contact Sally Gardner:  (530) 265-8454 x210, or

Or, to give us exactly what we need, please consider a contribution towards our moving expenses – donate securely online here.

1 bookshelf

1 storage cupboard with doors

3 medium sized white boards

3 small computer desks

3 desktop computers

(3 yrs old or newer, PC)

3 flat screen computer monitors

(3 yrs old or newer)

1 laptop computer

(3 yrs old or newer, Mac or PC)

1 powerpoint projector

(5 yrs old or newer)

1 paper cutter

3 sets of computer speakers

2 small trash baskets

3 rugs

1 legal size filing cabinet

2 keyboards (with USB connections)

2 webcams

3 Chairs for Office Guests or 1 Couch