ACTION ALERT: Vote Yes on Prop 21!

The Sierra Fund strongly supports passage of Proposition 21, the Californians for State Parks and Wildlife Conservation Initiative on the November 2, 2010 ballot. The Sierra Fund Board endorsed this proposition early, back when signatures were still being gathered. We now urge you to remember to vote Yes on Proposition 21 for State Parks.

This Initiative provides crucial, sustainable funding for California’s treasured State Parks, including the many splendid parks in the Sierra Nevada. It also gives all California drivers the opportunity to visit the State Parks at no charge – all you need is a California license plate.

The following information from the Yes on 21 Campaign provides lots of opportunities for you to take action to support this important ballot proposition.

Oct. 11, 2010 – Yes on 21 Campaign

Absentee ballots are out, and voting has begun. In the next few weeks leading up to Nov. 2, millions of Californians will be voting on Prop. 21, and deciding the fate of our priceless state parks for generations to come.

Now that election time has arrived, it’s crucial that we step up our efforts to spread the word about the need for Prop. 21. We have an incredible opportunity this November to approve Prop. 21 and save our state parks once and for all. But we can’t do it without your help. Get involved with the Yes on 21 effort this week and help pass Prop. 21.

Get out the vote! Include Prop. 21 in Your Voter Outreach Event

With just days remaining in the campaign season, the fate of Prop. 21 rests on our outreach to California voters as they cast their ballots. We need you to reach as many voters as possible in the coming days, and let them know about the benefits of Prop. 21.

If you’re organizing or participating in a voter outreach event, be sure to talk to voters about Prop. 21. Your help reaching voters is crucial to Prop. 21’s success.

If you’d like Prop. 21 literature or campaign materials to distribute at your event, request them by calling Alex Comisar at (818) 760-2121, or replying to this email.

Parks Lose Again! Politicians Continue Chronic Neglect and Underfunding of Parks in New State Budget

Last week, our state parks were condemned by Sacramento politicians to yet another tragic year of chronic underfunding. Without the state budget funds they need to thrive, our parks will continue to deteriorate, and their $1.3 billion maintenance backlog will continue to grow.

Prop. 21 will end the Sacramento budget rollercoaster, and give the parks the funding they need, once and for all.
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The Redding Record Searchlight Endorses Prop. 21

Over the weekend, the Redding Record Searchlight  published an editorial endorsing Prop. 21. The editorial rightly points out that our state parks have been starved for more than 30 years, and that Prop. 21 is the right solution for fixing them. Here’s a bit of what the Record Searchlight wrote:
“California’s state parks have long operated under lean budgets in a state where the public’s will to preserve precious natural and historical sites does not always translate into the discipline to adequately fund the upkeep. The parks’ staffs have done a commendable job of making the most of tight resources — often aided by local volunteer associations — but the recent state budget crisis has pushed the parks to the edge…But a solution is at hand. It’s called Proposition 21.”
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Win $5,000; Send Us Your State Parks Video by Oct. 16

Last week, Yes on 21 launched a video contest to find the most compelling, creative videos about why California needs Prop. 21. The creator of the winning video will receive $5,000.
The submission deadline is this Saturday, Oct. 16, so get started on your video now, if you haven’t already. Don’t miss this opportunity to help save our state parks and win $5,000 at the same time.
Click here to enter, and for full contest rules and details.

Prop. 21 in the News

Over the weekend, Ron Brown of Save Mount Diablo and Linda Best of the Contra Costa Council published a joint Op-Ed in the Contra Costa Times, highlighting the problems with our state parks and the need for Prop. 21.

Brown and Best make the argument that Prop. 21 is a necessary step for both the health of our parks, and the health of our statewide economy.
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Last week, Yes on 21 announced that nearly 100 businesses and business organizations now support Prop. 21. The California business community has joined the Yes on 21 effort because Prop. 21 is essential for the health of our statewide economy.

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